What can shiatsu do?

What can Shiatsu do for you?  Shiatsu massage makes your body feeling better.  By removing a tension from the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, Shiatsu will bring you a better body fluid’s circulation, and new feeling.

An Asian Chinese woman relaxing outside at a health spa while having a massage outside

To be younger

We believe that the Japanese Acupuncture and Shiatsu massage will be able to rejuvenate your body and mind.  It will adjust your Chi-energy (= life force energy) that flows your entire body through 14 major channels.

Direct meaning of a word “Shi-atsu” is “Finger-pressure”.  But, its not only about a finger pressure.  In the Shi-atsu massage, we also use our palms, elbows, knees, and feet etc., to apply the most appropriate pressure to certain areas on your body.