Month: February 2018

Feel the maximum relaxation

Shiatsu, Japanese authentic massage, is our speciality, and will provide you maximum relaxation. Our goal is to make you feel great. Shiatsu massage will relieve your muscle pains and tensions from the stress.

Become younger with Shiatsu!

As well as metabolism, blood circulation, and lymphatic circulation, the flexibility of the muscles and joints are also very important keys to rejuvenation of your body. Shiatsu massage would approach directly to your body to improve these all factors.

How to make yourself younger

We believe that the Japanese Acupuncture and Shiatsu massage will be able to make your body and mind younger.  It will adjust your Chi-energy (= life force energy) that flows your entire body through 14 major channels, and remove a tension from the muscles and bring you a better body fluid’s circulation.