Month: January 2018

Try the shiatsu massage!

Shiatsu, Japanese authentic massage, is our speciality, and will provide you maximum relaxation. Our goal is to make you feel great. Shiatsu massage will relieve your muscle pains from the stress.

Shiatsu Massage

Our body will get tired easily by the stress surrounding us.  Shiatsu massage will help you to deal with the stress.  By removing a tension from the muscles, the shiatsu will make your body’s circulation better, and it will bring you the new feeling.

Enjoy your healthy life!

Shiatsu & Acupuncture are natural remedies for the fatigue, and work with the meridians and acupressure points (tsubos) of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to address imbalances in any aspect of the organs, body, or mind.  Let us help you to maintain your healthy life!

Get the Shiatsu massage that may help you to alleviate stress and to sleep more soundly.

Shiatsu massage is the best way to support metabolism, blood circulation, lymphatic circulation,

the flexibility of the muscles and joints of your body.  Get the Shiatsu and enjoy the winter!

Shiatsu massage is the Japanese authentic massage using the same method of Acupuncture.  A human body has the 14 major chi-energy channels and more than 360 tsu-bo’s (acu-pressure points) on these 14 channels.   Shiatsu and Acupuncture approach directly to these tsubo’s to restore your natural healing power!