Come to us and feel it!

The Shiatsu is the Japanese authentic massage which is our speciality, and will provide you maximum relaxation. Our goal is to make you feel great.  Shiatsu massage will relieve your muscle pains and tensions from the stress. Please enjoy our shiatsu!

Japanese Special Combination

For a good sleep

Get the Shiatsu massage that will help you to alleviate stress and sleep more soundly.

We wish you have a nice dream for all seasons!  Swedish Massage in NYC

For the better life

Why don’t you try our Japanese acupuncture and Shiatsu massage for your better life!

They will help you to bring your own natural healing power back, and adjust imbalances of your body.

Relaxed smiling woman receiving a back massage in a spa

What is the Tsubo?

Tsubo (= Acupressure point) is very important concept for the Shiatsu massage.   Those acupressure points are similar to the trigger points of the muscles, but it’s more.  More than 360 tsubo’s have been found and named uniquely to be used for the treatment and diagnosis.

Deep Tissu Massage

Get the Shiatsu!

As well as metabolism, blood circulation, and lymphatic circulation, the flexibility of the muscles and joints are also very important keys for your better health.  Shiatsu massage will approach directly to your body to improve these all factors.

An Asian Chinese woman relaxing outside at a health spa while having a massage outside


To become younger

What do you think you need to rejuvenate your body and mind?    It maybe having right foods, good exercise, and a good rest.   And we also suggest you to take the Shiatsu massage and the Japanese acupuncture. That will help you to rejuvenate yourself by improving the energy flow of the body.

Spa still life with water lily and zen stone in a serenity pool